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Hey I just thought I'd introduce myself
I'm Molly and if anyone wants to talk, feel free to hit me up :]


I joined here a couple of nights ago but have been to busy to think about typing things haha.

My name is Charly, im 16 and i live in london, england.

Im in my last year at secondary school and im studying french, ICT, music and philosophy and ethics.

I am a vocalist and would lve to do it professionally one day.

I love the twilight book series, i feel that i can lose myself in the books.

My musical loves are Evanescence (amy lee ... so perfect!), my chemical romance, flyleaf and katy perry.

Hope you are all well!


How was everyone's day?

Mine has been weird. Up and down. Had a lovely long lie in, went christmas shopping and had lunch in town. Was just with my dad and managed to get away with leaving well over half of it without any suspicions from him- excelllent!

Got quite a lot of my christmas shopping done, but i am going to have to go back in tomorrow and finish the rest off. My dad gave me a wad of money to get presents for relatives and asked me to give him the change. I will do... but only once i've brought myself a few new things first lol. God i'm terrible! I need a new purse, eyeshadow, eyeliner and a few pairs of cheapish earrings (like £5 a pair).

Then things got weird this evening. I felt really depressed for no reason whatsoever. I felt guilty about everything? I felt guilty it would be christmas and people would spend money on me- because i felt i wasnt worth it. I felt bad that i had a wealthy family and a nice house- because i felt i dont deserve it. I ended up having a bath, and then watched some videos on you tube. That brightened me up quite a lot and i then started the mammoth task of cleaning my rooom. Since moving to uni, my bedroom here has been treated as a waste dump lol. I've managed to claim about 2/3rds of it back now for myself and have put up some pics put my books and stuff out so i dont feel like i'm living out of suitcases and thats good. I've nearly finished my room now, got about 10 minutes of tidying left to do.

Anyway, hope you all had a good day! xxxx


Hi! i've been posting in 24/7 for a long time, but that forum has been kind of off lately, so i think it'll be good to join here too :)
its seems really nice, so hopefully more people will join!

i've been ana for almost two years now, but my family doesn't know about it...
i'm 19 and a college student in NYC.

i'm liquid fasting today, and so far so good :)

I change my mind... a lot!

Since we only have a few members in here, i thought i'd post my journal on this page for a while to make things a bit more lively and give you something to read stacey, haha

So erm, yeah. Today was wierd. Was aiming for about 1000 calories or under (have done this for the past three days now with good success) today, from the minute i woke up. Spent some time downstairs this morning. Mum was pissing me off as per usual. Dont quite know what the link/ trigger was (could have been my dad that was the trigger in fact), but i forced myself to get on my scale. According to it, i've lost a shocking 3 stone 10lbs since last week. HAHAHAHA. Yeah, obviously this must be a problem with the scale. I've stood on it about a thousand times and it never fluctuates from that figure really (give or take a pound here and there). It's amazing! And you know what? The weight that is showing is lower than the goal weight i set myself... and it felt FUCKING AMAZING to see that low figure on there! I will reach that figure properly... and soon.

Hello Ana. I'm back... but i'm going to keep you as a distant friend for now! xxx

Introducing ourselves...


I'm Amy and i'm one of the site moderators on here. I thought i'd introduce myself and hope you guys will do the same so we know a bit about each other, which might help more when responding to each others posts.

So yeah, my name is Amy, im 20 years old and live in Southampton and Basingstoke. I'm a student but have taken a year out as my eating disorder has gotten so bad. I'm due to go back to university in October 2009.

I suffer from both Anorexia and Bulimia. I've had both now for 8 years.

I've had out patient treatment, in patient treatment, counselling, psychotherapy... you name it, i've had it!

I have recently been put on prozac for the bulimia, and let me tell you, it's working miracles. I have definately noticed a huge deduction in my binge/ purge frequency, but has made my anorexia about 1000 times worse.

I want to recover in the new year, but don't know if i will. If anorexia could make me happy and keep me well physically and not make me obsess about food and exercsie 24/ 7, then i wouldn't recover. However, i know it is killing me, and i dont want that to happen. At least i dont think i do. Crap, i've never thought that before.

Anyway, that's all i can think of really! Hope you are all okay! xxxx